Oneplus 7T vs 7T Pro: Confused? Learn About its Main Difference!

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Whether you are confused about which variant to buy will it be 7T or 7T Pro? or you are simply here to get the knowledge regarding the new models of Oneplus. You can find the answer to your questions without any doubts in this article. 


Due to the similar name models of the Oneplus 7T and Oneplus 7 Pro anyone can easily get confused about the Oneplus line of phones. Even the mobile company has followed up with a handful of other variants the differences are noticeable. 

The reality is that these variants are alike, however, there are some essential differences which one can notice. The note in their specs, designs, availability and of course also the cost. 

You can find here the main points through which you can find the full spec idea regarding the difference between these two variants. 

  • Design Difference

Both the models are no doubt created from the Oneplus cloth with the softest blue colors and frosted glass back. One of the major difference however you can notice is there camera on the back. The 7T variant cameras are encased in a circular unit while the 7T pro’s camera is organized in a vertical strip. It both have fingerprint scanners built into their displays. 

  • Screen Sizes

The model Oneplus 7T has a 6.55 inch of display with a 2400×1080 pixel resolution. On the other hand, the pro model has 6.67 inches of the display with a 3120×1440 pixel resolution. Hence, giving the pro model a pixel density of 516ppi, which is much sharper than 7T 402ppi.


It may not go unnoticed that the marginal 0.12inch size increase gives the extra resolution bump which makes the high-resolution pictures and videos pop out a little. Moreover, the notable selfie-camera feature which mechanically slides out from the top edge to edge and remains entirely unbroken by notches. 

  • Power Processor 

Two of the variants have Qualcomm’s latest octa-core snapdragon 855 plus processor, clocked at 2.9GHz. Both the models have 8GB of RAM. The 7T scored 2911 multi-score whereas the standard 7T Pro is 2883. Admittedly, these differences are razor-thin and barely qualify as variance at all. 

These models are the best at handling any of your everyday tasks, including video streaming and photo editing. Gaming is a breeze even with the graphically demanding game asphalt 9.  

  • Storage Capacity

Pro definitely carries 256GB of storage whereas the 7T comes with 128GB. It is an important point, given that none of the phones have expandable storage. Hence, if you store a lot of videos or photos, it is best to opt for a higher capacity model. 

  • Cameras

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Both have a triple camera setup on the back, of which 48-megapixel main camera, 16-megapixel super wide-angle camera and a telephone camera too. The 7T however, has a 12-megapixel telephoto camera whereas pro has an 8-megapixel telephoto camera. It may seem odd but the telephoto resolution on the pro is lower, but it has 3x zoom instead of just 2x.

The picture quality is sharp, with decent exposure and accurate colors. Both have a dedicated macro mode too, which lets you focus on the things that are closer to the lenses. You will have a perfect device to capture close-ups shots of insects and flowers. 

  • Batteries

The 7T variant has a 3800 mAh battery that can last up to impressive 16 hours. While the pro model have 4085 mAh battery. There isn’t however much of a difference when you need to take into account the slightly larger displays that drain more battery eventually. Both the Oneplus variant comes with ultra-fast charging.


One plus 7T and Oneplus 7T Pro both the variants have pros and cons on its side. However, you need to make a smart choice depending upon what you are going to use it for mostly. Even though these models are similar in most ways there are small differences that can give you a different experience. Moreover, if you are looking for a Oneplus repair of your old mobile just in case to sell it. You can get in touch with Wireless Solutions.