Protect your Oneplus from Viruses Around the Web


It’s as easy for your Android phones to catch viruses as your computer systems. Android is the world’s largest mobile operating system and it is considered as an ‘open’ operating system, which allows it to be altered by manufacturers easily. But on the downside, this means that the Android operating system is more prone to malware as compared to other operating systems.

Since you mandatorily use Windows computer systems without malware protection to protect it from viruses, similarly even your Android smartphone must be protected and not left exposed. The good thing about Android is that protecting it is quite simple, straightforward and free. Read on to find out how you can protect your android smartphone from viruses:

  1. Keep your Android phone updated

Every update comes with bug fixes to help protect the phone, it is required to keep your android system software updated. To check for updates go to Settings > System > Advanced > System update. You will see your software update status there and you can even verify if your software is up to date; if not then the new version must be available to download.

  1. Restrict your downloads with a password

Smartphones are very personal to each individual, yet if you tend to let other people use your Android smartphone it is always a good option to enable a password for installation of purchases like films, music, Tv shows, and other apps.

This option is highly recommended for parents who would want to restrict their children from installing or purchasing any apps without their knowledge.

You can do so by going to the Google Play store then tap the three-bar menu button. Tap Settings and search Require authentication for purchases. You can select all if you want or Every 30 minutes from the pop-up box. Then you will have to enter a password with any purchases you make on your Android smartphone.

Restrict your downloads with a password

  1. Refrain from installing apps from unknown sources

Downloading media or installing apps from unknown sources are the major causes of viruses in your Android devices. The good thing about Android phones is that it blocks you from installing them unless you have opted otherwise.

It used to be permitted to opt-in if you want the apps installed in your phones from unknown sources, but the 8.0 version (also known as Oreo) removed this option for Android users. So there are possibly fewer chances of getting your Samsung, Micromax or Oneplus repairs. This version instead makes you grant the individual app permission to install unknown apps. These apps from unknown sources are unreliable and not recommended, such apps could contain viruses that have the potential to damage your phone. It is always best and safest to download your apps from the Google Play Store.

  1. Read app permissions thoroughly

Some apps of Google Play Store will sometimes want to access information from your phone. These apps are authorized to access certain features, just like photo apps will need access to the device’s storage. Some of these apps ask for your permission and show you the information they need before you install them while some apps do not provide that. However, you can view the information that a particular app can access on the app’s detail page in the Play Store by scrolling down to App permissions.

You get to read the details about the app before sharing your personal information before you install the app. Moreover, the Virus protection apps scan all the apps on your phone and even rank them by the level of privacy sensitivity. By analyzing this information you can decide better if you want to go ahead and install the app or not.

Read app permissions thoroughly

  1. Remove viruses when detected

In case you have already been a victim of viruses in your Android phones, your work for removing the viruses has to start immediately.

The antivirus apps and programs detect viruses but they do not always effectively work towards removing them. These apps fail to do their job because some viruses are particularly resolute in nature. And now you can figure out that it is time to call an expert, avoid attempting to remove viruses manually. Get your Android phones be it Samsung, Micromax or Oneplus to your nearest repair centers and let them take care of it further.