Useful OnePlus 6 Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

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OnePlus has been one of those phone flagships which people have loved all over the world — a phone brand with excellent features, camera quality, and performance at an affordable price. One of the phones from the series that users must be using for a year now after its launch, but there are a few features or tricks that you didn’t know about until now. Ever since oneplus 6 came out, we have heard a lot positive feedback about the phone. The phone is a performance powerhouse and runs Android 8.1 Oreo-based Oxygen OS out of the box.

Oxygen OS has been diligently refined for a wonderfully seamless experience. Innovative features and optimizations make everything faster and smoother. It offers your phone a personalized experience with robust customization options.

Here are some ways you can make the most of the software running on the OnePlus 6.

  1. Manage the Display – Colors, Fonts, Notch and More

Tune into your OnePlus 6’s Display Settings if you haven’t tried this until now. Go to Settings > Display choose color profile. The default colors on the screen are the ones that lean towards cold. We would recommend you to switch to sRGB or DCI – P3 color mode. In case you feel it is too yellowish, give it a couple of hours and you will feel right.

You will also see an option to hide the notch and it is totally up to you to make up your mind between the two available options.

  1. Customized LED notification Color.

Customized LED notification Color

Did you know, you could choose the customized LED Color for your notification bar. One of the excellent features of OnePlus 6 is that its notch also makes room for the notification LED. You can even customize the Color that LED glows for different notifications. And you can also decide what apps LED notifications would work.

  1. Gaming Mode for Avoiding interruptions

Use this new gaming mode feature, which is brought to you by the latest software update Oxygen OS. OnePlus is an excellent phone for gaming, and the new gaming mode feature gives you a solution for avoiding any interruptions. The gaming mode allows you to choose your own customized setting. It can be used to turn off pop-up notifications, route calls via speakers, channel data to the gaming app as a priority, and also offers a battery saver option. The hardcore gamers will appreciate the feature.

  1. Improve Face Unlock in Low-Light

The unlock system of OnePlus phones have been lightning fast, never have we ever heard a single complaint regarding that. The face unlock system of OnePlus 6 is also extremely fast. The Oxygen OS version has improved accuracy in low light; you can do that by turning on ‘Face Unlock assistive lighting.’ access the option from Settings > Security & Lock Screen > Face Unlock.

Improve Face Unlock in Low-Light

  1. Navigation Gestures

The navigation gestures not only offer the rearrangement of buttons but can also completely replace them with navigation gestures on the OnePlus 6. With navigation gestures, a swipe up from the middle will take you home. A swipe from either side will take you back. Swipe and hold from the center will pop the recent apps. The gestures might not be as fast as recent apps, and you will have to give up Google assistant shortcut, but they make the screen feel immersive.


So these were a few of the useful OnePlus 6 features you should start using now. The outstanding performance, power-efficient AMOLED screen, and long-lasting battery span won’t leave any scope of OnePlus 6 repairs, yet with time, every device is prone to decline in terms of performance. However, when you turn these extra features on, it will undoubtedly take a hit.