OnePlus Repair – Top Reasons to Visit the Nearest Store

The least Smartphone that has brought the revolution in the marketplace is OnePlus. The incredible features of the phone and studious body might have fascinated you. But do you know there are certain issues that can appear in OnePlus handset anytime? Yes, you read it right. Some basic issues can knock your door and lead you to spend hundreds of bucks on the repair. So what exactly are these issues for which you might have to visit the nearest OnePlus repair store?

Let’s find out now!

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Strange Jelly Effect

While using your smartphone, you might have noticed some bizarre effect that looks like the screen is stretching. Well, you aren’t hallucinating, it actually is a defect that almost every OnePlus user faces once in a while. This effect, which you might find in the display of OnePlus-5 is called ‘Jelly Effect’ that can annoy you. However, the company stated on this issue that it’s the natural behavior of the screen and there is nothing to worry about it. The possible solution you can get for this issue is that your phone hasn’t been updated for a long time and the software is demanding the latest version. All you need to do is just visit the nearest OnePlus screen repair store and let the experts handle everything.


Vibration While On a Call

Normally Smartphone has this facility to let the user know about the incoming call or any notification through vibration. But OnePlus might vibrate even if there is no phone call in waiting or have no notification. Imagine how it can ruin any business conversation, as you have to check the phone for any sort of notification after a moment. You can go through the settings and check for the vibration options, or the best thing you can do is to consult the professionals. They will examine the phone settings and will make sure that you do not face this issue in the future.

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Difficulty in Wi-Fi Network

Almost every Smartphone has the issue of WIFI connection. You might have seen people reconnecting the Wi-Fi repeatedly as they are not able to find a particular connection. OnePlus has this same issue. Updating your phone again is the best solution to it. Oxygen 4.5.5 is suitable for strong Wi-Fi connections. If this solution doesn’t work, you need to consult the experts of OnePlus repair center right away in order to avoid future problems and to increase the life of the Smartphone.


Shuts down Randomly

Even though the advanced technology is used in OnePlus handsets, users are often facing the sudden shutdown issue. Whether a phone is in active mode or an idle state, it will shut down all of a sudden. It can even happen before and after updating of the software. If this issue is appearing while using a specific app, ensure that it is updated. Any third-party app can be the culprit of this so use your phone in the safe mode. After a few months, remember to factory restore the phone. Besides, it can be some sort of virus, so take your phone to the nearest customer support store, and scan the entire system.

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In a Nutshell

The smartphone is an electronic device that of course, prone to errors & defects whether it’s OnePlus or any other handset. Therefore, it’s preferable to maintain the device in the best possible way. But before that, the OnePlus repair cost is essential to find out. So go ahead, visit the nearest repair store for any fault, and get the most out of OnePlus Smartphone.