Start Your 2020 The Right Way With These Tech Resolution Ideas

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This is the end of the year and as the tradition goes we all leave this year’s setbacks, miseries, and failed attempts there and move forward to a new beginning called a New Year. We enter a new year by unloading the baggage of the past year and embracing what new year has to offer. We also make promises to ourselves, we call them resolutions for the new year which we lose the grip on as year passes. However, if we are determined to keep at it we might fulfill it and make the coming year a better one.

Promise yourself to be the best version of yourself in 2020. your resolutions may include different stuff that could be related to your own health and habits, probably creating a new health routine or joining that guitar class which you have been putting off all these years due to busy schedules. However, we encourage you to add a few more resolutions to your list which will certainly make your life a bit better.

This is the era of technologies, we have numerous devices and above all smartphones which work like a beast in fulfilling human needs. We are all so addicted to our smartphones that we forget about the harm it can cause us. After all, it is just an electronic gadget.

So here are a few Tech Resolution ideas that you must make to start off your 2020 the right way:


  • Repurpose old devices

We all have a few devices that are purposelessly sitting in our drawers or desks. This year, try repurposing them by downloading kid-friendly apps to keep your kids entertained, use them for some home purposes or trade them for something new from your nearest local electronic stores. Clear the tech junk from your houses or workplaces and free up your space for the new ones.

  • Secure your devices

Secure your devices

We are about to enter the year where we will be highly relying on our smartphones. Technology is coming with major updates every year make sure you keep your smartphones safe and secure using the features it offers. Use the fingerprint feature or a face unlock feature as the security on your phone. This ensures your device to be safest in most of the cases. Be mindful of the information you store in your phones make sure it is all well encrypted. You can even use a simple PIN for your password to secure your device.

  •  Unsubscribe from unwanted emails and channels on youtube

Enter 2020 with as little as possible unwanted mails or feed. You are the sum of amount and quality of what you feed your mind all day. It is important that you feed your mind healthy information and read mails or watch videos that impact your life positively. Declutter your emails by moving old emails to junk and unsubscribe from the unwanted emails that you receive regularly.


  • Clean your devices

A study shows that an average adult checks their phone 50-300 times per day. Moreover, most people have admitted that they cannot go to the bathroom without their phones. All these habits result in having thousands of germs lingering on your phone. in 2020, make a habit of cleaning your phone and other devices periodically.


  • Reduce your screen time

Reduce your screen time

Make this resolution for your loved ones if not for yourself. Your loved ones deserve your presence and attention when they are around you. The longer screen time has its own set of disadvantages like worsening your eyesight, influence you negatively and disconnects you from your surrounding which can have adverse effects. The reduced screen time not only strengthens your relationship with your friends and family it also benefits you as a whole. The less time you spend over screens the more productively you get to use your time. This year Consume less and Create more.

  • Declutter the devices


Delete all the unwanted apps that you don’t use anymore. Clean your phones like clean your wardrobes once in a while. Decluttering helps you manage your devices well and help them work well in the longer run. Repair the broken Samsung screens, iPhone screens or one plus screens for that matter. Get yourself a Samsung galaxy s9 screen replacement from us at affordable prices today. Declutter your device and declutter your life and enter 2020 without any baggages on your phones or minds.

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  • Repair broken devices


This year, enter with everything nice and new. If you have any old broken devices be it your Samsung’s broken screen or iPhone’s damaged battery repair them all. Reach out to your nearest stores for your Samsung repair in NYC and get affordable repairs.

Make your 2020 a complete success with these tech resolutions. Your devices are your forever companion, promise to keep them up to date, safe and secured.