Top reasons why keeping your mobile phone in your pocket is not a good idea

Though mobile phones are easy to carry around because of their compact size, some people are looking for more convenient ways to carry them. One of the most convenient ways is to keep them either inside the pocket. This may seem like a wise move, but it is not really recommended as carrying iPhone/Phones around in your pocket is not a safe decision. Here are a few reasons why.

iPhones and mobile phones, in general, are specially designed with convenience in mind. They are made portable to make it easier and more convenient for users to carry them around. But sometimes to make it more convenient for us we carry them in our pocket. Many people are fond of placing their mobile device inside their pocket when not in use, either it’s in the pocket of their t-shirt, undershirt, or pants.

iPhone in Pocket

Though this seems like a wise move, it is not really recommended as carrying them around in your pocket is not a safe decision. Here are a few reasons why you should avoid placing your iPhones and other mobile phones inside your pocket.

You might drop your phone

Accidents do happen no matter how prepared you think you are. Sometimes you can’t avoid your phone from falling off your pocket especially when you are in a hurry or if you are too busy. Chances are when you accidentally drop your phone, it might get damaged. The display screen of iPhones is fragile and so vulnerable to breakage due to great impact. When this happens, you may need iPhone screen replacement.

Broken iPhone

iPhone Repair is quite costly. Depending on the type and the degree of damage, you may spend more or less $100 to $500 for iPhone 5c repair NY.

It is harmful to your health

Putting your mobile phone inside your pocket is harmful to your health. Despite their compact size, mobile phones are packed with a lot of power. The primary downside of mobiles phones is that they emit small amounts of radiation.

In the recent study done by American scientist Dr. Devra Davis and her team, it was quoted that habitually keeping mobile phones in the pocket can cause serious medical consequences. It can cause various health problems including glioma, cancer, heart problems, and infertility, among others.

There is also a tendency for the mobile device to overheat especially during a hot day which can cause the phone to explode while inside your pocket.

You might sit on your phone

Sometimes when you are too busy or in a hurry, you tend to forget that you have placed your phone in your back pocket. And with that, there is a tendency for you to sit on it which can possibly break its screen. When your phone is broken, you may need to visit an Apple accredited repair center or other third party shops that offer iPhone screen repair NYC.

iPhone in Back pocket

Aside from being so expensive, iPhone 5c screen repair can also be inconvenient for you most especially if you are loaded with a lot of things to do.

Excess sweat can damage your mobile phone

When you place your phone next to skin, the tendency is that such area of your body will produce an additional amount of sweat most especially if you are doing physical works like exercising or walking. Needless to say, mobile phones that are soaked into any liquid can cause water damage.

Water damaged iPhone can be fixed in various ways. For minor damage, simply turning off the device and allowing it to completely dry for a few days before using them again can help. Some say putting it inside your rice container can fix the damage.