Wireless Solutions Safety Measures During COVID-19 Pandemic


Amid the current alarming pandemic, we all know the impact the COVID-19 is having on lives around the world. At Wireless Solutions, we take it seriously to keep the safety of our customers as well as of our team members at a top priority in our shop. While making sure we are actively working to keep the customer’s experience as harmonious as possible and at the same time enforcing enhanced health and safety measures to cushion our staff members and the customers we handle.

Today, following the guidelines, monitoring news information and local governing as the condition expands by the day, hour and minute, have become the new norm. Whether it’s a micro-enterprise or a megacorp, none is at safety. Just like that our local shop, which is handled by a small business owner, is forging decisions on store based on federal, state and local information to do what is best for our customers, employees and communities.

As per the guidelines of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued, it is stated that the enterprise that upholds communication and information technology are significant infrastructure activities that must proceed without disruption in the middle of this pandemic. Many states and local governments have adhered to these federal guidelines when declaring stay at home orders. Whilst a few states like Kentucky, New Jersey have precisely established that mobile phone and electronic device repair is a necessary service.

Now more than ever before, gadgets are essential. Especially during this time, even when human contact has become risky, electronics are proven to be a boon. It provides online schooling for kids, allows employees to work from home, connect with family, loved ones, get the latest news, order goods and services, contact doctors for emergency services and so much more. We know that a busted electronic is more annoying than ever, it blocks you from doing things you need to do to make it through this pandemic.

Wireless Solutions store is adjusting to the new standards and norms as quickly as possible to reflect temporary closures, amendments to operating hours and any other vital data. Please get in touch with us for the most updated information and guidelines.

We have implemented detailed public health policies at our store which includes:

Frequent hand-washing.
Keeping the workspaces and high-touch surface clean at regular intervals.
Thoroughly sanitize upon receipt and return of the device.
Minimizing human touch by wearing gloves when handling your electronics.

Furthermore, our staff members are asked to stay at home if they have any signs of illness and we are sustaining preventative steps at our store. We believe that social health is a mutual responsibility and we are devoted to doing our role to ensure our general public safety.

Also, we ask our customers to follow the same level of caution and diligence, so that we all may stay safe and healthy. We will let you know about the new information as soon as it comes. Till then we appreciate you for your support as we deal with this unparalleled problem.