7 Handy Tips And Tricks To Help You Get The Hang Of Your Samsung Smartphone

Whenever we buy new smartphones they work so swiftly without any lags for months and even a year. But as time passes it slows down inexplicably. The reason being our own habits of using things irresponsibly. Having your old smartphone running like new is quite easier than you think. Read on to find out some handy tips and tricks to speed up your phone and keep everything running smoothly.

  1. Delete unwanted apps

Delete unwanted apps

We all have those apps that have outlived their utility; it could be a camera app that you don’t use anymore, a game that is not as entertaining as you had anticipated it to be or an airline app you installed when you flew somewhere. Uninstall all these unwanted apps taking up extra storage space on your phone and it is okay to have your mind changed about apps. Unnecessary apps also affect your phone speed when they are running tasks in the background, so it is mandatory to regularly evaluate the apps you have on your device and uninstall the ones you don’t use anymore. And for the apps that come by default on your android phone and cannot be deleted, can be disabled in order to keep them from using resources.

  1. Clean some storage space

Smartphones start to hang when they are loaded with media, apps, and documents. Along with uninstalling unwanted apps, it is also important to periodically clear cache and unwanted photos, videos or other media files. Delete the downloaded files or back up to remove the years’ worth of photos you have piled up on your phone. Do away with old message threads that hog storage. Cleaning your Samsung phone occasionally keeps you away from expensive Samsung repairs in the long run.

  1. Keep the phone software updated

keep the phone software updated

The companies launch the latest version of your phone’s software to improve user experience, these updates contain bug fixes and updates that help your phone run more swiftly. For your Samsung smartphone check for updates in the Settings app. Along with the software, also keep up with the updates for the apps installed on your phone. With the latest software version, your Samsung smartphone is more likely to run smoothly and operate quickly.

  1. Reduce animation

At times, the animation could be the reason behind your phone’s slow speed. It might be the obstruction in your phone’s operating system. So reduce the animations or limit their use on your smartphones to have your phone working more efficiently. On your Samsung smartphone, you will need to enable developer options by heading to settings, then reduce or turn off any of the animations. In case you are using a live wallpaper consider replacing it with a static image.

  1. Cut down on background tasks

Keep a constant check on your smartphone and ensure the apps you have installed are not impacting negatively to your phone. Consider decreasing the frequency with which your apps connect to your account and load new updates. Be conscious of apps that have background refresh enabled and reduce the resources being used in the background. Moreover, turning the Bluetooth and WiFi when not in use can help as well.

  1. Clean your home screen

Clean your home screen

A cluttered home screen can majorly impact your phone’s speed. It is important to be mindful of the apps you cover your home screen with, get rid of the unnecessary apps and only keep the widgets that are useful to you. This way, you can avoid any Samsung repairs for a longer run.

  1. Reset your phone

If you have been noticing your phone running slow for a long time now and none of the above strategies seem to work the only hope you are left with is the factory reset. This extreme step can often solve smartphone issues and eradicate problems that dodge diagnosis. Just ensure that you would need to back up all the important data and media from your phone to cloud or hard drive.