Most Ordinary Samsung Repairs we come Across Frequently

Samsung series has been one of the most popularly selling product in the market ever since it was launched. People are actually loving it and cannot wait for the upcoming ones. This shows how happy and satisfied customers are with Samsung phones and their services.

However, any phone you want in the market doesn’t last forever. Still, the case with Samsung is quite different, as per an estimation 1 in 4 Samsung Galaxy phones break within the first six months of usage. It is not because Samsung makes unreliable products but because people often use their phones inaccurately, taking them everywhere and putting phones at risk of damage.

Another theory suggests that an estimated 1/4th of all broken devices are directly related to accidental damage. Generally, more Samsung phones are being broken than getting stolen on an everyday basis.

Samsung raised its flagship game and gave out phones like Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S9. These phones proved to be two of the best Android smartphones in the market at that time. The company’s latest upscale offerings further refine the great existing features of their antecedents; taking elements like the design, display, performance, and picture quality to a whole new level. No matter how perfect the device might seem, yet we see customers come very frequently for their Samsung Galaxy repairs.

Here are 6 most ordinary Samsung repairs we come across frequently

  1. Cracked phone screen

The cell phone manufacturers are striving to make a more durable screen with every other manufacturing device. It’s pretty easy to crack most smartphone screens when dropped from above a certain height. The most common issue found is Samsung s8 screen repair. Using a phone with a cracked screen is not an easy job, it can irritate your fingers, and in some cases, it can even harm them. The only way out is to either get it repaired or completely replace it.

Surely, there is an option of DIY kit to fix your phone screen, but this doesn’t assure you the result you want. Many times people end up doing more damage than good. It is tricky to do the job right without proper tools and expertise. You can’t risk your entire device on very reasonable screen repair. Moreover, the quality of the kit isn’t assured either.

Home button not working

  1. Home button not working

Home button plays a major role in Samsung smartphones; you need it to navigate your phone. When home button breaks or starts to malfunction; even the simplest of tasks can become challenging, and in worse cases, it becomes impossible.

If you notice your home button malfunctioning, turn your phone off and then back on to see if that works. If your home button still doesn’t work after restarting your phone, there is a chance of any hardware issue. Hardware issue could be anything like something stuck inside your home button, or it has jammed try to gently clean around the button and see if that works. In case, you can’t solve the issue you have to take it to the repair shop to fix it.

  1. Power button not working

The case with the power button is quite the same, try cleaning the power button gently to see if this solves the issue. If this doesn’t work, try plugging the phone in the charger for about 20 minutes or so then try to restart your phone again. If it fails to restart, reach out to your nearest phone repair store.

  1. Poor battery power

The battery is what keeps your phone going throughout the day. The issues in the battery power make it hard for you to use the phone. Commonly, the battery life of phones doesn’t last as long as they used to when you bought your phone. It takes 1 to 2 years for an average smartphone’s battery before it starts draining quicker than usual, or even breaking altogether. Switching batteries from your smartphones isn’t as easy as it is often assumed; this is why it is recommended to hand over this job to professionals.

It is best to choose official Samsung service centers when you are giving out your Samsung galaxy to repair.

  1. Water damaged phone issue

phone issue

The risk of water damage is often around. More often than not, people are prone to drop their phones in water, be it toilets, puddle or a pool. Just in case, you ever happen to drop your phone in water, or it gets drenched somehow, make sure you remove the SIM card, battery and memory cars as soon as you possibly can. Wipe these parts dry with a cloth and keep it in an open, airy area to dry out completely. You ought to remove these parts right away to prevent a complete short in the system.

Once you have removed and dried the parts, take your phone to a service center for a quick fix.

Things you should avoid doing after your phone falls in the water

  • Avoid leaving all the parts on the phone as they are. Remove them, so they don’t get damaged.
  • Do not use a hairdryer or any other heat source to dry out your phone immediately; this can cause further damage to your phone.
  • Avoid moving your phone around too much, as this might slosh the water in other parts of the phone, such as sensitive circuitry.
  • Do not press any buttons.
  1. Broken USB, Headphones jacks and charging ports

USB, headphones jacks and charging ports are exposed to all the dust, water, and other elements that can possibly cause any damage to the parts or create a malfunction in the system. When you face problems in these parts first ensure the problem is not related to the cables or headphones. To cross-check if the problem is isolated to your phone is to insert a different cord or cable into your device and see if it still functions. This way you can be sure if your phone that has been damaged or not.


These were the list of common issues. Do not let these issues hinder you from buying these amazing smartphones. However, the positive response the Samsung phones have got is overruling the negatives. Small glitches are a part of every device. Moreover, the service centers are open for you, where experts solve these petty issues in no time.