Simple Ways To Re-Purpose Your Old Samsung Phone

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We all have that one phone which remains spare without anyone using it. So you or any of your family members decided to get an upgrade without considering what to do with the former phone. However, worry not since we have come up with some obvious yet overlooked ideas of re-purposing your old Samsung phone.

Samsung Smartphones these days have several features, some are sure to leave unexplored. While there are some regular features too which may help you in your daily life even if your mobile phone is of no use to you anymore. Smartphones may still function with a wifi connection even without the signal. This way you can re-purpose your phone for work, lifestyle or entertainment. All in all, do not let that old phone waste away in a drawer if you aren’t selling it or giving it away, instead put it to good use.

Here are some nifty things you can do to re-purpose your old Samsung phone:

  1. Use as a high-tech alarm or sleep tracker

Cell phones usually come with a built-in alarm clock. In case your phone is of no use anymore you can still make use of its features like setting up an alarm on it. You can even use certain apps that you may have already installed that help you sleep better such as a white noise app.

You can even add some apps to track your sleep. A sleep tracker will help you with your sleep patterns and help you get sound sleep throughout the night. You get to analyze the flaws in your sleeping patterns and correct them to improve your sleep cycles. That is a good way to use your old smartphone.

  1. Handy eReader for you

Handy eReader for you
Kindles were originally designed for e-reading but you can do that even on your old phone. Download e-books from sources that enable you to do so. However, it is accepted that smartphones will be a smaller version of e-reader and they are also backlit while the Kindle itself appears like a printed paper. But you can still manage to look at the bright side and carry a pocket library when you are traveling light or as the situation demands.

  1. Your source of entertainment

Your source of entertainment

Smartphones have immense storage spaces that can help you stack up a number of songs, movies, podcasts, and so forth. Your old smartphone will be a perfect substitute as you won’t have any distractions, calls to attend or messages to reply to, no obstructions at all. This way you can now watch your favorite movies, TV series on a single flight.

  1. VR headset

VR headset

Virtual Reality has turned the visions into reality. It requires your smartphone to move in and out of the VR headset mount constantly which may affect the quality of the hardware of your phone. So why not bring your old Samsung smartphone into use and re-purpose it as a full-time VR gadget.

  1. Use it for home-security or baby monitoring

Use it for home-security or baby monitoring Why spend money on security gadgets when you can turn your Samsung smartphone into a security gadget or a baby monitor? Attach your phone within a few feet of baby’s crib for monitoring and install an app like Dormi on your Samsung smartphones. This app pairs your old and new smartphones so as to let you watch and listen to the baby anytime from anywhere.

Your old Samsung smartphone may not replace the high-tech security systems but it can play well as its substitute. Some apps instantly turn your old phone into a video camera, streaming video is made accessible from any paired devices.

  1. Gaming system

Use it for home-security or baby monitoring

An old phone you don’t use anymore could become your new gaming system. Since there will be no calls or messages on the phone, you will have no interruptions in your gaming. Install your favorite games on the device and use it just for gaming, that might make you a pro gamer as well.

  1. Camera for kids

Camera for kids

Before you hand a high-tech camera to your kids, you can let your kids practice their photography skills on your old Samsung smartphone. Your smartphone may be damaged, go to your nearest repair store for the best Samsung repair solutions. You may have upgraded to a different and better smartphone while this one can be a good camera for your kids.

Last few words

Although an old smartphone may seem like a useless piece in your house, it can be re-purposed in many such ways. Before you give it away consider that it doesn’t ever hurt to have a backup device just in case you need one.