Ways To Recover Your Data From a Phone With a Cracked Screen

samsung galaxy s8

We all know how cracked phone screens could be hard to handle. Your phone might have slipped out of your hand and smashed into pieces. Not only a smashed phone is hideous but it is also impossible to use and giving your Samsung galaxy s8 screen for repair.

The first thing that you should do with a cracked screen is assessing the damage. The spider web on your phone certainly blocks your vision which makes it hard to operate the phone but other options might help you recover your data. So here are a few tips to access your phone’s data despite the cracked phone screen, with that you will be able to recover the data from your damaged device and then give it out for a repair.

Restore Your Phone With a Mouse and Keyboard

There’s an option to revive your phone by connecting a keyboard and mouse to it. You have different options available here depending on the platform of your smartphone.

For Android

Firstly your phone must accept USB devices to be able to connect with a mouse and a keyboard. Although the earlier Android devices will not necessarily support it.  This will require a USB OTG cable adaptor. There are two types of USB cable available: USB Type-C and Micro USB, they both come with a standard USB input port. Ensure you use the right USB OTG adaptor for your phone.

Samsung galaxy s8 screen for repair

Once you got one of the suitable USB OTG adaptors for your phone, simply connect a keyboard or a USB hub with the keyboard and mouse attached. In case you do not have a USB keyboard know that you will need to access the settings through your screen to connect to the Bluetooth keyboard. This won’t be possible with a smashed screen. However, for the existing Bluetooth pairings that would be work.

For iOs

The only possibility to connect a mouse and a keyboard to your iPhone is through Bluetooth. And just like we mentioned before if the device hasn’t already been paired, that would be difficult to do. Moreover, connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to iOS is straightforward which makes the workaround easier.

Control Your Phone Remotely

There are remote control apps available that help you with accessing a phone with a broken display.

Access Android with Airdroid

Many different remote access apps are available for accessing your Android phone and one of the best ones is AirDroid.

Again, this would only be possible if AirDroid is already installed and set up on your phone. But if you get a USB keyboard working and setup AirDroid then remote access can be possible. AirDroid is also used to move data from Android to your PC.

Connect to iOS remotely

It is easier to connect an iPhone with a broken screen remotely. It has two options available, use remote administration tools via macOS or you can connect over Virtual Network Computing. The option of VNC is only available through Jailbreak. Note that it is going to be risky since jailbreaking can void the warranty and introduce security vulnerabilities.

Final Words

Regardless of the level of the damage to your phone screen, you must once visit a professional technician who might help you back up your data and fix your phone display as well.

Samsung Galaxy Repair

No matter how many options you try but if you are not a techie it is best to seek professional help and visit your nearest mobile repair store. These technicians tackle such situations and deal with these expensive devices on a daily basis which makes them an expert in the field. The experts know what is the best option to fix your device by analyzing the intensity of the damage caused to your devices.

And lastly, phones like Samsung galaxy s7, s8 and so forth get severely damaged with broken displays, that can get quite expensive. So ensure you reach out to a professional for your Samsung Galaxy S8 screen repair or any phone from the series. This will ensure the safety of your expensive phone at a fair price.