What To Do When Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Has Cracked?

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S10, you might be aware of the fact that its screen gets easily cracked. Knowing that reality you have to be extra careful with it. You have to keep it secured with reliable glass on the front and also on the back.

The screen issues are highly challenging to manage. Regardless of how much you take care of your phone, there’s always a chance of accidentally dropping it on a hard surface, resulting in your worst nightmare. If you are in a similar situation where your phone is broken and are clueless on what to do next, keep on reading!

Here, you will get a free guide on all the essential things that you need to if your new Samsung Galaxy S10 screen gets fractured.

  1. Create A Backup

Because your cellphone’s screen is broken it is obvious to take it to a well-known Samsung repair store. But, before bringing it to a cellphone repair store, create a backup for all your important files.

There is a possibility that you might lose all your data in the patching process. So, it is perfect if you back up your files on your laptop or drive.

  1. Look for Screen Insurance

Samsung store equips with certain offers for screen repair for a limited period of time. As a result, if your screen is broken in that particular time frame, you can avail the offer and get a discount on your screen repair.

Besides, if bought your device from a local Samsung store, it may even come with a 30-day screen repair discount or some other form of warranty. Get in touch with the shop to know if this is true. And if you have the protection and are still in the warranty period, ensure to use it to get your screen mended for free.

On top of that, if you aren’t aware of the insurance call the store and ask if there’s a screen warranty that can give you a discount or free repair.

  1. Go For A Certified Samsung Repair

Thankfully, even if your S10 is out of its warranty period, you can still get it equipped with a discount! Do you how?

Samsung repair

Simply, get in contact with the Samsung repair service center. Any damage caused is considered customer misuse, and so it will be covered by a regular 1-year warranty that came with your cellphone. Even if your S10 is not over a year old, you will have a shoulder to help you fix your screen.

Howbeit, if you want to get the exact information in your area, visit your local Samsung repair center.

An authentic company like Wireless Solutions grants the best repair service for Samsung S10 broken screen, and also for the other concerns. This can also be a budget-friendly option, as we strive competitive pricing for all its repairing services.

  1. Keep it on

After taking backup, you need to indicate some level of your mobile functionality. In order to verify the performance, you need to keep touching the device, but in a proper way.

Tap the edges of the screen to keep things together for a temporary period. The process of your cellphone screen repair might retrieve due to the tapping pressure. Doing so will further allow the technician to work on it to some extent.

Plus the thin layer present on the upper layer of your phone’s screen known as digitizer might work in some form and send the commands to the software.

  1. Get Help From Nearby Repair Shop

If in any case you dont have any access to the Samsung repair service center, you can let a third party technician check the hardware for you. Repair done by any third party technician automatically voids the warranty from your device. Hence, only do this if your warranty period is expired.

Repair Shop

Meaning that if a third party technician can’t mend your S10  and then you decide to go to the Samsung store, the Samsung store won’t allow it. It can happen that they might not even take a look at your device at all once you mention that it’s been tampered by an independent technician. So, you only want to do this repair option if you are desperate.

In a nutshell,

These are some important thing that you need to follow if your device’s screen is broken by accident. Choose a proper certified store for the repair it will allow you with its own perks, especially in the terms of budget.

We at Wireless Solutions provide trustworthy and reliable services to our customers. We have a team of highly skilled technicians who have years of experience in providing high-quality mobile repairing services. So, if you have any issues regarding your cellphone repair you can get in touch with us.