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Iphone 5s Repair

Today the biggest issue faced when one’s iPhone 5s screen is cracked is find a trustworthy company who listens and helps. Wireless Solutions NY listens, you can trust us whether your iPhone 5s screen replacement is needed or you need someone to fix up your iPhone 5s screen. We not only assist in replacing iPhone 5s screen but also help in repairing iPhone 5s screen repair. It’s just not the screen but we even assist you when it comes to complete iPhone 5s repair.
Your iPhone 5s may be water damaged or there might be speaker and mic issues, Wireless Solutions NY will be at your side. Your iPhone screen replacement may be needed due to reasons like broken LCD or cracked front glass and may be even both. The major cause for this could be dropping the phone or having a defective LCD and we know iPhone 5s repair is very expensive. Therefore we believe in offer cheap iPhone 5s screen repair and other iPhone 5s repair services.