Simple Things You Can Do When Your iPhone Is Stuck In Recovery Mode

  • by Wireless solution
  • May 18, 2017

Have you ever experienced leaving your iPhone for quite a while and when you came back to pick it out you found out that it is already stuck in recovery mode? You are trying to reset it but it does not respond, you can’t even be able to connect to iTunes. If you are running into this problem right now and going to an iPhone repair NYC is not an option, worry no more because this article will provide you with an effective solution to fix your phone’s recovery mode issue.

connect to itunes

But before that, let us first know what does recovery mode is.

Recovery Mode Explained

When we talk about recovery mode, we also need to understand what boot loader is. In order for smartphones like iPhones to load the operating system, they need to have a boot loader, also called by Apple as “iBoot”. The iBoot is a study-only memory chip installed on all iPhones that constantly scan and check the phone. If it discovers any error, like for instance a failed upgrade or an issue on iOS installation, it will automatically put your device into a recovery mode in order to get rid of any additional issues or damages. Most likely, your phone will stay in recovery mode if:

  • You have activated recovery mode in order for you to solve an iPhone issue.
  • You are jailbreaking your phone but it did not go well.
  • You are trying to updating your iPhone to the most up-to-date iOS software but the update failed.

Getting out of the recovery mode

If your phone is stuck in recovery mode, meaning you can’t exit the recovery mode screen, try the following solutions:

          1. Force Restart

restart iphone

The first option you have is to do force restart or hard reset. In order to execute hard reset, press and hold the home and power buttons simultaneously for a couple of seconds until the Apple logo shows up on the screen. Release the buttons when your phone successfully boots up. And that’s it. In most cases, force restart or hard reset works well. However, if it does not work for your case, you can try the next solution.

          2. Third Party Software

You can also try to exit recovery mode by using a third party software which is available in Apple stores or iTunes. Usually, when you use a third party software, you will need to connect your device a computer or laptop with the help of a USB cable.

3. Update

software update

If your iPhone is responsive even while it is still in recovery mode, you can try to update or restore your device. Updating your phone will automatically update it to the most recent iOS software. Once the iOS software is successfully updated, the issues that caused your device to stay in recovery mode will automatically be resolved.

4. Restore

Restoring your phone should be your last option especially if you do not want to permanently lose all your stored data including your documents, apps, photos, and games.

restore iphone

If the above-mentioned options do not work or if you still experience issues even after performing the solutions above, it would be best to seek help from a professional iPhone repair technician to avoid further damages.