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iPhone 11 Pro – For The Love Of Camera

Your hunt for the best camera smartphone will end at iPhone 11 Pro, given its promising specifications making it an incredible camera phone. It is the greatest competition for other great camera phones such as Pixel 3 and Huawei P30 Pro. Make the best use of the iPhone 11 Pro camera with the details below.

iPhone 11 Pro Repair

iPhone 11 Pro Camera

There is no doubt one of the best selfies and high-quality snapshots are perhaps taken by iPhones. The advanced features and picture-taking tricks on the iPhone are undoubtedly world-class. With the previous iPhone XS, the dual 12-megapixel wide-angle camera with telephoto lenses set a benchmark for the upcoming phones under Apple. It is also easy to conduct iPhone 11 Pro repair, given the increased Apple stores in every region.

Later with iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, Apple invented three rear lenses with 12-megapixel cameras each. The phone is capable of recording 4K videos up to 60fps among other things.

The best camera features of Apple phones came along with iOS 13. It includes:


  1. portrait lighting adjustments in the camera app
  2. great quality photo organization options
  3. tremendous video editing capabilities


In addition to that, it also allowed users to remove location data before sharing. However, as of recent updates, the current software for Apple phones includes iOS 14.3. It is important to make the most up to date version of iPhones to make the best use of the cameras and other features.

Camera Modes

In the iPhone 11 Pro, the camera app has several options for videos and photos, For example, time-lapse, slow-motion videos, portrait panel, and simple photography. By default, the camera app opens in photo mode. The different modes of the app can be used by scrolling back and forth.


There are a total of three lenses inside the square camera bump of iPhone 11 Pro, each of 12 megapixels. When viewing and the ultra-wide mode, the resultant is a 120-degree field vision. The optical zoom option extends to 2x magnification along with dual optical image stabilization for both the angle lenses. Surprisingly, the front camera is also 12 megapixels.


iPhone 11 Pro Slo-mo Phone

Slow-motion videos taken in the slow-motion mode slows down the reaction and gives an ultra-wide view up to 2x magnification. You can also use the selfie camera to take a slofie, interesting, isn’t it?


If you are interested in taking up a panoramic picture, try slowly moving the phone along a wide scenery with the dimensions 0.5, 1x, or 2x. The resultant is compiled into an extended photo, being an exceptional feature.


The feature is used for shooting videos. Once the shoot is complete, the video speeds up when played back. You can experience capturing storm clouds rolling in, or shoot while driving on a windy road. The rear-facing camera allows an ultra-wide view with 0.5x magnifications.


In addition to the above, the iPhone 11 Pro also has a feature called QuickTake. Try taking a photo by holding the volume button and instantly start taking a video. If you wish to free up your finger, slide the shutter button to the right and release.

The shutter button can also be used in the video mode to take still images while keeping the video recording on. For best shots, the photo mode is used along with the shutter button. Slide the shutter button to the left and once done, a quick counter will tell you the number of photos shot in the bust shot.

Adjust Resolution

Frame rate and resolution of iPhone 11 Pro can be adjusted by toggling the options between HD, 4K, and 24, 30, or 60 frames per second present on the right side. You can also toggle the options present in the record video option under settings > camera, and can shoot 720p, 4K video, or 1080p at various frames per second.

Night Mode

Apple did set a benchmark with the high-quality night mode option in the camera app under iPhone 11 Pro. Your expectations will meet boundaries because, low-quality photos are as standard as daytime photos.

Surprisingly photos taken in the night mode look brighter and detailed without any compromise on the quality. The night mode option can be activated anytime under low light conditions.

Look for the moon-like icon on the top left of the screen. The feature can be activated by clicking on the icon. Once tapped it turns yellow whilst opening a scroll wheel above the shutter button. For best quality photos, leave the camera features on the automatically selected timer. You will be surprised to see the results and would love to try them out more often.

Portrait Mode

The selector above the shutter button lets you choose the portrait mode. The portrait lighting mode in iPhone 11 Pro has set a trend in the industry of portrait photography. You can try out the high key light mono effect, the last option on the list of features.

In the portrait mode, the high key light mono effect is simply the opposite of the stage light mono option. You will be surprised to see that instead of removing the background or blurring the sides of the subject, it simply adds a white backdrop. Check out different lighting options of the photo you capture by tapping on the edit button in the gallery.

Another promising feature of the portrait option is the zooming out. By default, the zoom effect is always at 2x magnification. The bottom left of the viewfinder is a zoom button. When you tap the zoom button, the standard focal length gets reverted giving you versatility on the subject you try to zoom. Don’t worry, you can still make a lighting effect by clicking on the hexagonal button on the top right of the screen.

To Summarize

Besides the aforementioned features, a slow-motion video with the selfie camera is also possible. All of the features are pretty easy and in no time users can get accustomed. There are unusual features the user can explore once getting hands-on.

All the camera feature options, be it wide-angle selfies, to capturing a subject outside the frame feature, and editing photos and videos – everything is possible with iPhone 11 Pro. The top of the screen allows buttons to mirror and image or rotate while using the edit option. Apple has changed its software to a great extent and always better for its users.

In case the camera options do not work well, conduct an iPhone 11 Pro repair and get the issues fixed. Photo editing is common no matter the type of phone, and as such, the impressive editing options enabled by iOS 13 (now iOS 14.3) is the highest benchmark one has set in the history of camera feature phones.

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Top Features Of iPhone 11 Pro: A Device Built For Photo And Video Fanatic!!

iPhone 11 Pro

Did you know the “pro” version means both brilliant and indefinite? The word is assumed to signal that something is finer or more forged.

In the case of iPhone 11 Pro brackets to a more superior build and a more apt camera than the less expensive iPhone 11. It has a telephoto lens that makes a noteworthy difference for mobile photographers and videographers.

Further, the PRO version comes with a sleek model, fast charging and an enhanced XDR Display perfect for dark mode. The improvement Apple has brought in these models is praiseworthy.

So, if you are one of those creative people, and you are considering to purchase PRO basic on its photo and video quality, have a look at the below points:

  1. Triple Camera Array

The iPhone 11 Pro camera is far better than the iPhone 11. The new triple camera has wide, ultra-wide and telephoto lens options. Further, it has a microphone and a 36% brighter true tone flash included on the rectangular module.

The most impressive point about the triple camera is the cameras work together as a single zoon lens. Apple, no doubt, has calibrated white balance and exposure in the best way possible.

Even though you can easily pick out the differences between the triple camera, it’s a seamless point if you look closely. The details that Apple paid to made shooting photos and videos with iPhone 11 PRO are outstanding and as cohesive as possible.

  1. 12 MP Camera Features

You can find four new camera features in the iPhone 11 Pro, including a wide-angle camera, proper depth camera, ultra-wide camera and a telephoto camera.

  • The wide-angle lens comprises 26mm camera with the same f/1.8 aperture, however with the latest 12MP sensor with 100% focus pixels for better performance and low light capability.
  • The ultra-wide camera marks the first-time a significant enormous focal length with more creative options for photographers and videographers. This is suitable for landscape photos and videos.
  • A faster telephoto lens with a 52mm camera, f/2.0 aperture, captures 40% more light than before. This transformation has a more milky background blur when taking pictures of close-up subjects and better performance in low lighting areas.
  • One of the best features of the camera is the front-facing TrueDepth found on iPhone 11 Pro. It goes from a 7MP camera to a 12 MP camera that makes for notably higher resolution photos and videos.
  1. Redesigned Camera App

Redesigned Camera App

When shooting a photo with iPhone 11 Pro telephoto lens, you will be able to see a wide-angle sensor data outside of the frame. With it, you can experience that subtle changes to the shutter button UI and camera front, where you will find extra selections in photo mode when swiping up for viewfinder. It will reveal options like flash, night mode, live photos, aspect ratio, timer and filters.

  1. Night Mode

Night Mode allows taking flash-less photos in dimly-lit areas more possible than ever before on an iPhone. It altogether enhances shots in low-light without flash. The long exposure will enable users to capture pictures with less noise and more details.

One of the best features of night mode is that it is automatic. It also takes multi photos and the brilliant software combines it into one single picture. While it automatically removes portions of the image with too much blur stemming from camera movement while conserving sharper areas. Lastly, it adjusts the contrast and color and decreases noise to make a more natural-looking picture.

  1. Enhanced Portrait Mode

The latest portrait mode, courtesy of iOS 13, comes with new features like the High-Key Light Mono effect and the capacity to adapt the position of lighting through a current Portrait Lighting Control slider.

Enhanced Portrait Mode

Moreover, with the inclusion of an additional camera, the iPhone 11 Pro benefits the capacity to capture Portrait Mode photos using either the wide-angle camera or the telephoto camera.

Summing things up,

The iPhone 11 Pro and also the iPhone 11 Pro Max are extraordinary devices that capture the video and photo facility of the baseline iPhone 11 a few steps ahead. The addition of the Super Retina XDR OLED Display, with the triple camera module, aids the higher-priced iPhone to live up to its label.

Hence, if you are now sure about buying iPhone 11 Pro, you can now go-ahead to make a purchase when you know about its latest features, especially when you are into the camera quality and videography. Further, if you are looking for iPhone repair, you can get in touch with Wireless Solutions NY. Our expert team is here to make your phone as good as new at a very inexpensive rate.