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5 Practical Things Your Galaxy Note 20 Can Do In The Next Normal Era

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung’s latest addition to the Galaxy Note Family has something for everyone. The Galaxy Note 20 is filled with meaningful innovations to help you get the best use of it. You will get everything from powerful productivity to premium entertainment; it actually has something in-store from everyone.

Galaxy Note 20

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The well-built Galaxy Note 20, with its adaptable ecosystem, has been made in order to get you the new norm of this age and offer new connected experiences across health and productivity. So, whether you are a proud owner of the Galaxy Note or are thinking of getting your hands on it, you have got a feature-packed device at your service. Even if it’s your first time buying a Note, there are a variety of alternations made for you to experience.

Check out these five top-notch features that can help you to optimize your productivity and keep you working at best, even when remote.

  • Redefined Samsung Notes

Get a redefined experience that makes note writing, editing and managing it much more comfortable than ever before. It offers you more options when optimizing your remote working or studying.

You can now directly import your PDF lecture file into Samsung Notes and edit them easily with your S pen’s help for a more cohesive learning experience. The latest audiobook attribute allows you to attach and time syn voice recordings to the text. So, when you are reviewing the note and looking for a particular part, simply tap on the word you wrote and play the audio time synced to it.

The Samsung Note feature also supports more options, such as getting a head start on the next colossal presentation or product design. You can on-the-go export any handwritten note onto PowerPoint slides or Word documents for a more seamless experience.

  • Expanded Experience

The latest Note 20 comes with sufficient mobility and flexibility. You can easily link Windows to your Phone App from Microsoft, which will give full access to all your apps and files on your phone through your PC. With the help of that, you can manage any notifications and documents.

You will also be able to relish the six apps’ support altogether through Link to Windows, with a more enhanced multi-window experience. Making your work as seamless as possible.

Even if you are jotting down any points on your phone, you can manage it through PC. All due to Note sync capability. You can even connect your Samsung smartphone with Smart Tv now to harness a bigger-screen experience for all your entertainment needs.

  • Galaxy Watch 3

Staying active while remotely from home or studying is no easy feat, however with Galaxy Watch 3, you can stay on track. The smartwatch has advanced health management and fitness features.

Connect it with the Samsung Health app, which will provide a wide range of health measurement capabilities. The watch also provides above 120 training programs and dedicated training features. So, you can relish the personal training right from your home while you can also enjoy the customizable workout music.

  • Galaxy Buds Live As A Microphone

Galaxy Buds

Source: Verizon

The Galaxy Buds are revolutionary and comfortable fit that makes its perfect fit for listening to music or taking calls, even for a longer time. The Galaxy Buds Live comes with enhanced sound technologies to provide you with the most connected device experience.

It features a 12mm speaker and sound by AKG, through which you can enjoy clear sound quality covering both the high and low spectrums. And thus never missing a beat again, or following an online class or just listening to your favourite song.

Further, it isolates your voice’s sound and reduces the background noise while providing you with the utmost clarity when you are taking a call or group meeting.

  • Pro-Grade Camera Experience

If you are someone who likes to get their gram updated with the latest happenings in their life, a Camera clarity is a must. You should take benefit from the unprecedented creative control of the device Pro video mode. It lets you capture cinematic 8K videos with an aspect of 21:9. So you can make, stream or shart without limitations.

Pro-Grade Camera

Source: tech radar

Summing it up,

With so many extra-ordinary attributes, you will experience the new norms of the coming era. The high-resolution camera, the mic quality of Galaxy Buds live and many other endless opportunities to share your social media moments. With Galaxy Note 20, you can stay connected on your terms.

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iPhone XII Pros & Cons: Is This Worth The Upgrade?

Apple every year comes with an enhanced update, some more significant than others. This time it is no different: the iPhone XII series is looking ultra-modern from its former version.

The iPhone XII comes with new features, amplified designs, a faster processor, and an impressively tougher screen. Also, it is the first 5G phone, as you may have heard. But before you even notice any of those characteristics, you will immediately feel and see how it has all been objectively redesigned. The cellphone has iPad Pro-style flat edges and they make it remarkably captivating to hold.

iPhone repair

Source: apple insider

However, if you break your cell phone, you can get your iPhone repair from Wireless Solutions. We will assist you in fixing your iPhone screen or water damage repairing.

Here we have gathered the list of pros and cons to help you make a decision whether it’s worth the update:


  • A14 Bionic

The iPhone XII has an A14 Bionic chip powering. It is the first to use a 5nm process, which promises you 50%  improvements in performance and graphics. The chip further has double the cores at 16, which translates to an 80% boost in production.

  • Different Sizes

The latest series of iPhone carries four models providing to individual segments. Significantly, the iPhone XII Mini is ideal for people who want a smaller size iPhone. Plus, it’s also more economical than its other models. While still packing similar specs that make the lineup stunning.

The Mini is compact that is 5.4 inches than the previous iPhone SE 2020 model but with a bigger overall screen.

  • Beefed Up Features

Beefed Up Features

Source: forbes

You might be already aware of the 5G feature that the iPhone XII series model carries. It will allow you to download quickly than LTE-ready models. 5G is, after all, becoming more and more at hand and reachable to everyone. So this advanced feature will give you a massive benefit in the near future.

Moreover, these new devices come with better cameras and smarter computational photography. These phones sport further Ceramic Shield protection, which Apple says makes them more durable.

  • MagSafe Charging

New series of Apple brings MagSafe charging to the iPhone. The tech will automatically snap the iPhone XII to wireless chargers, cases, cardholders, and more. The MagSafe wireless chargers, which will be sold individually, so you have to buy them. At the same time, it will double wireless charging speeds.


  • Enticing Price Cuts

As soon as the latest iPhone hit the market, the company Apple has cut down the prices on older models, like the iPhone XR and XI by $100. Even though the older models, these iPhones are still solid performers by the standards of 2020. The A13 Bionic chip inside the iPhone XI executes like a vision.

  • Lackluster Battery Life

The latest series of iPhone XII will carry 227 mAh of capacity in it’s charging cable. On the other hand, vanilla 12 will have a 2,815mAh ability. It’s a compact size phone when compared to the other 5G phones.

  • No Powerbrick

No Powerbrick

Source: tech radar

One of Apple’s most significant attributes that keep up to leave the internet abuzz is that it has ditched the earbuds. Resulting in a power brick for environmental reasons.

However, with the latest Lightning-to-USB-C cable that comes out of the box, those who will upgrade to the iPhone XII will need to purchase a new power brick to charge their device. It will be an add-on cost which previously included in the box itself.

The bottom line,

The iPhone XII series represents one of the biggest jumps forward yet for the iPhone. You can see an all-new design, 5G, blazing processor, more durable glass, enhanced cameras and battery life that matches last year’s significant upgrade.

Most of the time, you can only see tangible changes in power and performance. It is the most noticeable feature if you’re moving from an old device; however, this year’s upgrade is really a significant change. The progress is huge enough to mean iPhone XI users will experience large differences.

Of course, if you want more adaptability in your cameras, the iPhone XII Pro will charm, but iPhone XII is likely to be the perfect phone for most people. Overall, whether or not the iPhone XII series is worth it differs from users to users. The iPhone XII is advance in terms of future phones, and also based on everything you know so far, its lifespan will last for a long while.

If you’re currently using an iPhone XI, you might want to think about skipping the upgrade unless you’re an early adopter. The XI line still carries its own in 2020 with its effective processor and good quality cameras.

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How to fix the most common issues with LG G8 repair?

Are you facing trouble with the prominent LG G8 repair? If yes, read on to find what you are capable of doing to minimize the mess!

Source: trusted reviews

Even though the LG G8 is one attractive-looking mobile phone with lit features and a robust camera, a boombox speaker which is crazy loud, it’s not perfect. Just like other smart gadgets you might face issues with batteries, broken screens, Wi-Fi, or anything alike.

So, if you own the same smartphone and are facing the same issues, this article will enlighten you about the most bourgeois issues you might be dealing with. Thankfully, most of them are very easy to fix. Read till the end to get the best of everything.

  • Battery Life Problems

LG G8 Battery Life Problems

The 6.2 inch LG G8 has a huge 3500 mAh battery life which lasts longer than expected. Despite that, the battery life deteriorating is familiar trouble for LG G8. There is one easy fix that you can try before taking your phone for LG repair. Change a few things in settings and you are good to go.

Firstly go to setting and click on battery & power saving and then battery usage. If there is a random app force kill so that it will stop draining your battery there. It is also recommended to uninstall applications that are misbehaving.

Other than that you can try out hasty remedies like customizing location settings, close background apps, turning down the brightness when not needed. Simply, performing these quick fixes you can boost your phone’s battery.

Source: cnet

  • Fingerprint Scanner

Often, there are two main problems, one being a failed scan or scanner performing while it’s in your pocket. Fixing this issue is easy. Firstly ensure that you have a lock screen password in addition to the scan which you most probably have. That way it won’t activate the fingerprint scan itself and drain the battery.

The failed scan is amenable by deleting your fingerprint and restoring it once more. It is prompted to even try saving the same fingerprint twice for more effective results and rapid scans.

  • Wi-Fi Problems

Wi-Fi is another common issue with everyone, but it’s not usually due to the phone. But it can due to the software update or the system or some apps. Before we move ahead, let’s make sure that you check out whether or if there is any new update. It is very essential to always be on the latest software.

If you still are having the same crunch you can try the following:

  • Rebooting your phone
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi and resuming it.
  • Unplug your router for 2-3 minutes and starting over.
  • Lastly, forget the particular network and connect it again.

These fixes will definitely give your device a fresh start. If not, take your device to the LG repair store and get it sorted once and for all.

  • Camera Issues

LG G8 Camera Issues

Source: gsmarena

 Common camera lag includes slow to click, focus or just performance in general. Whether it’s due to switching between two lenses, or taking a while for the camera to open or click the picture. Probably this can be solved over time with a software update and can improve its performance. However, you can try turning off HDR mode and getting a better or a new microSD card.

  • Performance & Lag

Does your LG G8 device is lagging while opening apps and games? This shouldn’t happen in such a prominent mobile phone yet the heavy usage of cell phones results in hindering of device. Eventually leading to a total knock out.

You can mend this issue by rebooting your phone, do it frequently. Also, ensure that all the apps are updated. It is recommended to use the LG smart cleaning tools and services to quickly remove unused apps and files. Doing this will basically keep your phone running at its best performance.


LG G8 has a lot going on. It’s durable and it has a headphone jack while it also is hand gesture sound promising. Overall talking this device is a pretty dependable phone but even the most prominent electronics have its drawbacks. Hence, the above article will cover you with the top-notch issues that you might be facing which are fixable.

If everything else fails, you can visit our store Wireless Solutions in NYC for LG repair. Our experts technician will most certainly mend you as good as new.

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Why you should choose iPhone Repairs by Professionals?

Turn off your iPhone

Apple’s warranty is often confused with iPhone repair services. The iPhone service center does only intend to secure products that are defective out of the box. But that does not comprehend if you drop your device, or spilled water on it or crashed it.

Mobile Center

Howbeit, after the warranty expires your iPhone is no longer under any security that results in you spending huge bucks on your broken gadget. You will have to bear the cost of Apple’s out of warranty service which not only includes any delivery expenses but also it will take off $199 from your credit limit before actually checking your phone. Even though it’s for an old model like iPhone 6 or 7 maintenance, it is equal to pay for repairing the latest iPhone X or 11 models.

Not only your final amount to be paid will be determined afterward but also it will leave you without a phone for about a week.

So, now the options are scaled down to two choices: getting a brand new iPhone or sending it to the third party repair store. You can definitely get a new iPhone when you are spending so many dollars especially when you shop from an online store. However, think again is it really necessary to buy an iPhone when you can simply get it corrected at the nearby iPhone repair stores.

Unlike Apple’s expensive repair bills, professional service is undoubtedly an affordable option. Depending upon the type of damage caused to your device this option will only cost you around $45 to a little over $100 for mending your iPhone X or XR. Moreover, the repair services done by a professional can keep you away from any mishaps you might run into if you do a DIY repair without any electronic experience.

iPhone Repair

Perks of Choosing A Professional iPhone Repair:

  • Expertise

The professionals have knowledge regarding the repair and they also provide inexpensive services. They will make the optimum use of their resources to restore your device and to get it into working condition.

  • Advanced Tools

A cell phone repair store has all the useful tools needed for repairing the device. The professional will make the best use of technology and advanced tools that you may not be able to fix by yourself.

  • Replacements of Parts

If a particular part of your iPhone is damaged it can only be replaced when you take help from the professional. As they have spare parts in their shop or they also arrange it from somewhere. Either way your price of mending the device will be lesser than buying a new phone.


  • Risks

When your phone is repaired by a professional, it will be under a trained eye. They will know exactly what to do and which part to actually fix. So, try not to repair it yourself which can involve further risk. Why risk it? Instead just let the professionals handle it.

  • Additional Perks

Getting your phone fixed by a professional will not only get it repaired but also they might provide you with the warranty or the additional benefit on their workmanship, free diagnosis and more that you might need. By simply going to a nearby iPhone repair store you will are likely be getting your phone secure with their promise of delivering quality repair services.

Final Words,

Even if you are determined to buy a new phone, it still pays to send your current iPhone to repair service. You will earn extra money by selling it at a reasonable cost.

If you are looking for the perfect option to mend your device, get it fixed by an expert and avoid mishaps. At least you will get your device fixed by professional who will be held responsible for any damage. If not you will get the warranty on it.

For any device repair, that’s easy and quick, Wireless Solution is your best repair option. Get in touch with the expert technician today!