Tips and Tricks to Distant iPhone 8 Repair | Wireless Solutions NY

The iPhone 8 support wireless charging due to which, one of the most popular brands named- Apple has developed glass back of iPhone 8. With a confident statement from Apple’s CEO, it can be easily deduced that the phone has the strongest glass they have ever developed for the phone. However, glass is a fragile element and it may get scratches and scuff if it comes in contact with some hard surface.

Therefore, cases are a great way to prevent the iPhone 8 repair. However, there are chances that cases may interfere with the feature called wireless charging. That’s why; one of the best ways to guard the glass back of the iPhone 8 without interfering with its ability to charge – is to get a skin.

Here are some of the iPhone 8 skins that one can find for the iPhone 8 right now:

For the minimalist lover, there’re oodles of online sites that provide clear and thin skins to completely cover the iPhone 8. That’s right, not only one can get a skin to cover the back of the phone but also the screen. In addition, one can select from matte or glossy finishes, which means one can choose iPhone 8 looks with the desired skin applied.

The skins starting price is $8.99 and these can cost up to $11.99, completely depending on finish, material, quality, and color of the skin.

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D – Brand

D-brand is one of the most popular brands for screens, as, it’s their tagline, which states, “we’re literally everywhere.” Besides this, the brand is known to develop extremely beautiful skins for all sorts of phones especially that prevent the iPhone 8 Screen Repair.

Not only does D-brand allow covering phone in a skin, but it also has oodles of design options. One can purchase skins that look like metal, wood, or other with similar designs. Additionally, one can also get skins for the phone front, giving the option of a two-tone effect.

The D-brand back cover skin with glass look for the iPhone 8 has a minimum cost of around $9.95; however, if someone chooses to cover the front side as well, that skin has cost around $15.90.


Slickwraps, as the name, indicates that the skin has the ability to cover the entire phone and not just the back.

The skins from Slickwraps are generally bubble-free, and if someone wants to remove them, they won’t spoil the phones look by leaving adhesive behind. Moreover, if for any reason, it screws up the installation; Slickwraps has a 30-day “goof” policy, which means it will send the iPhone 8 screen replacement skin if needed.

In addition to it, Slickwraps comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. For instance, one can find every possible range from single solid hues, to different textures like metal and wood. They even provide some super cool designs of pop culture figures and movie characters. Slickwrap skins cost around $23; however, they provide a tempered glass screen protector too, which will decrease any possible chances of screen scratching, drastically.

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To wrap up, one must choose and buy the iPhone 8 skins to avoid iPhone 8 Repair in NYC, later. This way, one can get the great skin covers and procure the sophisticated phone look at affordable prices.